Friday, October 3, 2008

Three faces of mine

Three faces of mine, three face me.

I am each. Each is a part of me.
I am a contradiction in the two who face each other.

I love the one who cannot love me back. I am loved by one who I cannot love back. I am stuck between, in agony along both roads. Where do I head?

The third faces ahead, staring blankly into the road ahead ready to move, but still as a stone. I wonder in those shoes… does it matter. Where do I head? Is it worth it? Why am I here? What is my purpose if I am where I am supposed to be? The emptiness in company, the sadness in the happiness. They haunt my soul, eat my peace. My road is ahead. The past is blocked, empty till now, but still blocked by pain.

“Don’t cry in front of another man,” he says, how is that so simple yet so complicated to feel the depth of.

They smile gently; feel so deeply, act so calmly, live so peacefully through the storm.
Together and yet so alone. Whole yet broken.
How can it be that they have such strength?

“How far can I go without looking back?”

“What will I find out what it is I am looking for at the end of the road?”

“Will I ever know this truth?”

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