Monday, March 17, 2008

new views

ok there's not much to be read into between the lines... it is what it is..
Its just an observation of the things around me lately... totally out of my character and league to write it, but I thought hey why not

I don't know what it feels like
To be lost to myself
To be complete with the existence of another

I don't know what it feels like
To the the shine in someone's eyes
To have a glint in mine at the thought of another

To have never spoken enough once apart
To have rambled on even when together
To be the that charm that makes one glow

To be the smile that fills a day
To drive mad when I speak
To drive insane to be without

Yet I see it around, It makes me smile
Maybe the world ain't so bad afterall

I will be the joy, I will be the glint
I will be the smile, I will be the rain
I will go mad, I will drive insane

Its all written down somewhere
Its just a matter of time