Friday, May 16, 2008


PS: I may not even be using the right words sometimes…If there are mistakes please let me know ^o^

This is a sort of paradoxical panegyric, a behind the scene’s feeling for one of my fanfiction characters. I thought that since I have written it well anyway might as well put it up as a poem in itself. Not that it really rhymes but hey whatever.

The protagonist this time around (for my pleasure of course) is a character, Tasuki, more famously known in the anime, Fushigi Yuugi, or mysterious play. This is to his love in my fanfiction, Silme.

(To those who know Tasuki, you wonder…where did he learn to write like this!!! ^_^;;; all in the game ppl!)

A while ago, I was still myself
To me that was divine
My world, My thoughts were all my own
My strength and heart were all one
I felt tall as a wall

Then you came and tore me down
Laughing that the best was yet to come
You taught me to laugh when I needed to cry
You gave me your emotions by being blank
You showed me valor by being strong

You told me that I was never to frown
Then you smiled and held my hand
Telling me that you were the best
Any other would do me no good

With that smile you walked away
Now, I sit here high and dry
I wait for a word all day
Something I know will never come
I wonder if I mattered at all

If you ever thought of me with a smile
I sit here now, still myself
Alone and devoid of my strength
Drained of the happiness you gave me

Now I stay here with silent tears
Tears of a silent crumpled wall

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indu kalpakam said...

interesting! melancholic and touching! lovely comparison to a tall wall. kinda mirrors your feeling for tasuki. nice work mate!